David H. Schwartz

Attorney at Law

I have over four decades of experience representing businesses in courts throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and across the state of California in various cases of corporate business law. If you are contemplating filing suit, or if someone has filed a lawsuit against you, don’t hesitate to reach out. It's my job to help you better understand your options moving forward.

Does my case need a
business litigation attorney?

The real question is: is it worth the risk
to not call an attorney?

While avoiding litigation is typically the best course of action, there are countless situations that might call for filing a lawsuit to resolve the issues affecting your business. Successfully winning your lawsuit could help you recover expenses directly tied to your case.

Why Choose the Law Offices of David H. Schwartz, Inc.?

High-Quality Representation

With 45 years of experience, I bring extensive knowledge and resources to the table that can help your case. I will focus on your big picture goals and provide valuable counsel to help you reach them. I am confident in guiding you through your legal options.

Experienced Strategist

Whether your case involves securities and shareholder matters, business torts, or trade secrets, let’s review the details. Unintimidated, I can help you understand your best possible outcomes.

Hands-On Approach

I work directly with you each step of the way. From establishing the client-attorney relationship through each courtroom appearance, I will fight for you and your business until your case has been resolved.

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If your business is facing a legal issue, working with an experienced attorney can help you determine whether or not your case needs to go to court for the best possible outcome. Don’t allow your business to suffer by trying to navigate complex legal matters alone. Let’s connect to review your case.