Dealing with a Probate Dispute? Contact an Experienced Litigator in San Francisco, California.

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is difficult enough. When the aftermath of their passing becomes more complex due to a probate dispute, let attorney David H. Schwartz take on the legal burdens of the probate process so you can focus on what matters most — your family's grieving and healing.

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For over four decades, I've represented families throughout San Francisco, California, and across the Bay Area, through various cases of probate disputes — from establishing the validity of a will and investigating undue influence to removing an estate executor and more. Whether you have questions about the probate process, or someone has raised an issue with your loved one's will, don’t hesitate to reach for the legal assistance you need.

Attorney David Schwartz

Do I Really Need a Probate Litigator?

If There Is Any Conflict Over the Probate Process, Then Yes.

Probate can be complicated to understand, even when there are no issues that arise. However, when a dispute emerges over an estate plan and the decedent is no longer available to clarify their wishes, an experienced litigator can provide representation that makes the process smoother for you and your family to work through.

Common Probate Challenges

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    Wills & Trusts

    Whether a beneficiary feels entitled to more than they've inherited, believes the will or trust does not meet legal standards, or questions a creditor's claim against the estate, you need someone who can provide proper representation.

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    Trust Administration Disputes

    If there is no will and the family cannot agree on an estate administrator, or the appointed executor of the estate is believed to be incompetent, you need a skilled probate attorney who can help you fight to ensure that your loved one's end-of-life wishes are carried out correctly.

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    Suspicions of
    Elder Abuse

    The elderly are more vulnerable than most in our society. If you believe that your loved one was coerced due to undue influence into creating a last will or trust, you'll need help to prove that their estate plan was altered in an unlawful manner. An attorney can assist the rightful heirs in the recovery of funds and property.

Don’t Face Probate Challenges Alone

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Get Help to Stay Focused on Your Family

If your loved one's estate is caught up in a disagreement, working with an experienced probate litigation attorney can help you get through the legal processes while striving for the best possible outcome for all involved. Don’t allow your family to suffer further by trying to navigate complex legal matters alone.