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Business litigation is never simple, and it is never comfortable. It diverts attention from management priorities and growth opportunities, and it poses a significant risk to profitability. Complex disputes involving securities, business torts, trade secrets or other issues can tax your organizations resources to the limit. In addition, onerous civil procedure rules and complex and voluminous discovery requirements can put confidential information at risk of disclosure to competitors.

Over 45 years of experience serving San Francisco, the East Bay, and the North Bay

A Range of History that Informs Novel and Resourceful Strategies

Attorney David Schwartz
David H. Schwartz

If you are a client of the San Francisco-based Law Offices of David H. Schwartz, INC., you are either suing or need to sue. Your success, upon which the survival of your business may rest, depends upon the broad experience of a focused business litigation attorney. David has successfully navigated cases of trade secrets, disputes, complex business and commercial litigation, Civil RICO, and shareholder derivative actions for California clients.

"I've learned to think of legal strategy as a form of war, with feints, advances and retreats. Knowing when to focus on the individual battle and when to focus on overall war guides the path to success."

Practice Areas

Complex Business & Commercial Litigation
David represents cases involving breach of a provision of a valuable buy/sell agreement, allegations of fraud, or any business litigation issue.
Securities & Shareholder Litigation
Trial lawyer David H. Schwartz presents answers for the complexities of securities laws, including arbitration, litigation and regulatory matters.
Trade Secrets, Protection & Litigation
Businesses depend on trade secrets. David can implement strategies protecting those key assets or defend an individual accused of stealing trade secrets.
Trademark Litigation
Failure to defend a trademark could cost a business in many ways, including integrity of the brand. David can resolve these through assertive negotiation, mediation, and litigation.
Contract Disputes
Our firm employs focused legal strategies supporting businesses through instances of individual and multi-party contract disputes, cross claims, and multiple jurisdictions.
Insurance Coverage Disputes
We represent businesses and individuals, throughout the Bay Area and California, in matters of insurance disputes, false advertising and other commercial claims.
Partnership Dissolution
Management styles, personality incompatibility and other ownership disagreements may arise. David’s experience helps resolve these disputes with clients’ objectives in mind.
Directors & Shareholder Litigation
Cases involving business mismanagement face obstacles from the start, and having counsel experienced in overcoming these barriers is essential.
Unfair Competition
Unfair competition action suits are more than just business matters. Criminal charges could accompany these cases. We prepare you for all outcomes through informed strategies.
Civil Appeals
Our services reach beyond the trial court level into appellate court, where we have set authoritative precedents in the Ninth Circuit and California Supreme Court.
Civil RICO
Civil RICO suits are complex, and they usually involve extensive discovery and case preparation efforts following the filing of the complaint.
Business Torts
The Law Offices of David H. Schwartz, Inc., represents clients in all types of business tort cases, including: Trade secret litigation, unfair competition, defamation and trade libel, unfair competition, interference with contractual or advantageous relationships, other types of business torts
Will and Estate Contests
It is an unfortunate reality that parents or other loved-ones nearing the end of their lives are uniquely vulnerable to persons, whether family members, care-givers, lawyers, or even relative strangers, who prey upon them for their money.
Defamation – Libel, Slander, Business Libel
Defamation actions require careful planning and preparation, as well as counsel fully conversant with the many pitfalls facing defamation plaintiffs.
Business Fraud Litigation
If you suspect one of your partners, fellow owners, or executives in a business enterprise of business fraud, you need experienced legal counsel immediately.

San Francisco Complex Business Litigation Lawyer

David takes on the tough business of complex litigation so businesses don’t need to. He has successfully served the legal needs of Bay Area and California business and individual clients for more than 45 years remaining professional and sensitive to his clients’ needs.

No surprises

Complex business litigation should be simple for you. David leverages experience behind your case to keep it simple. Whether you live in Alameda County or San Mateo County, he can see how your case will play out through the legal system. He takes a personal, seasoned approach to leave you with no surprises as he explains how the process will work for you.

Protect yourself at all times

Legal actions can take time and resources some larger firms may not have to devote to your case. Your risk in those situations may be more than you can afford, which those firms relegating your sensitive matters to an inexperienced attorney. Dealing directly with David affords your business protection and practical knowledge that could spare you hours of attention away from your business. 

A skilled business litigation attorney

David's results-driven approach works to ensure your hard-earned assets survive the uncomfortable legal circumstances all businesses must address. He has successfully represented companies and individuals in multimillion-dollar cases. From Oakland to Santa Clara, clients seek his legal counsel due to his broad experience in business and commercial law. His conduct and strategies have resulted in precedent-setting decisions on the state and federal levels.

Your next move could make the difference

The long process of dealing with the court system when it comes to your business may sponge your assets dry. A contract dispute or civil litigation on the horizon calls for action. As a business or individual, it's imperative to understand your rights and secure your assets. The cost in hours spent frivolously away from your business in an attempt to understand the depth of your legal circumstances are not worth it. Your next best move is seeking legal advice of the Law Offices of David H. Schwartz, INC.