Vigorous Representation in Bad Faith Claims

Defendants in business litigation suits often overlook the potential for obtaining payment from their business or liability insurer to pay for a defense and to settle the third-party litigation. Commercial general liability policies often provide coverage for some types of business claims but also contain numerous exclusions and technicalities that the insurer may assert in attempt to deny coverage or decline to provide defense costs. The wrongful refusal to provide a defense or honor coverage can be the basis for an insurance bad faith claim, but in many instances getting the carrier to provide defense costs and pay to settle the third-party claim while it is pending is far more valuable than a possible bad faith judgment years down the road.

David H. Schwartz has successfully represented numerous clients to obtain insurance coverage in cases involving commercial claims. David is committed to providing his clients with vigorous representation of the highest quality.

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Resolution of Insurance Coverage Disputes

David H. Schwartz, an experienced San Francisco insurance coverage dispute attorney, will undertake a comprehensive legal effort to achieve your goals. Often, this will involve multi-party negotiations in order to resolve the dispute in a satisfactory and expeditious manner. If necessary, David will litigate in order to protect your interests.

Oakland Defamation Claim Attorney

The Law Offices of David H. Schwartz, INC., represents businesses and individuals throughout the Bay Area and the state of California. Whether it involves an insurance dispute arising from a defamation claim, a false advertising claim or other commercial claim, you can depend on David H. Schwartz to provide you with skillful advocacy.

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