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Legal disputes are an unfortunate but inevitable aspect when working in the commercial construction field. Whether you're dealing with contract discrepancies, construction defects, or payment issues, dealing with these kinds of issues requires experienced legal assistance.  

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Attorney David Schwartz brings over 45 years of experience to provide dedicated legal advocacy in commercial construction litigation, protecting your business interests and resolving disputes. Contact him to schedule a consultation and secure experienced legal representation. 

Understanding Commercial Construction Litigation Laws

Commercial construction litigation encompasses a variety of legal disputes that arise during the construction process. Understanding the laws governing this area is crucial for protecting your business interests and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.  

Commercial construction litigation can arise from various sources, including but not limited to: 

  1. Contract disputes: Construction projects are typically governed by detailed contracts outlining the obligations and expectations of all parties involved. Disputes often arise over contract interpretation, fulfillment of contractual duties, or changes to the scope of work. Ensuring precise and clear contract terms from the outset can help mitigate the risk of litigation. 

  1. Construction defects: Defective workmanship, use of substandard materials, or design errors can lead to significant issues in construction projects. Lawsuits may be filed to address structural problems, safety hazards, or failure to meet building codes. It’s important to conduct thorough inspections and maintain quality control throughout the construction process. 

  1. Payment issues: Ensuring timely and fair payment for work performed is essential in the construction industry. Disputes over unpaid invoices, mechanic’s liens, and breach of payment terms are common. Understanding the legal remedies available, such as filing a lien or pursuing breach of contract claims, can help secure payment. 

  1. Project delays: Delays can result in substantial financial losses and contractual penalties. Causes of delays might include unforeseen site conditions, permitting issues, or labor shortages. Effective project management and clear communication can help minimize delays, but when they do occur, legal action may be necessary to resolve the resulting disputes. 

Understanding these issues is crucial for effective risk management and legal strategy in commercial construction projects.

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Legal Protections and Remedies

Laws like the California Contractors' State License Law require contractors to be licensed, bonded, and insured. This protects the public and ensures that contractors meet professional standards.

Construction contracts should also include arbitration clauses to provide a structured process for resolving disputes outside of court, which can be faster and less costly. 

Understanding and adhering to these laws, along with seeking experienced legal counsel, can help navigate the complexities of construction litigation.

For commercial construction firms and property developers in the San Francisco Bay Area, having a knowledgeable attorney like David H. Schwartz can be instrumental in protecting your business from legal pitfalls and ensuring successful project outcomes. 

Key Elements of Commercial Construction Litigation and Steps Involved

Commercial construction litigation involves several critical steps: 

  1. Contract review and negotiation: Contracts are carefully reviewed and negotiated to prevent potential disputes. 

  2. Identifying claims: Determining the basis for any legal claims, including breach of contract, negligence, or fraud. 

  3. Preserving evidence: Collecting and preserving evidence related to the dispute, such as project records, correspondence, and inspection reports. 

  4. Filing lawsuits or defending claims: Initiating legal actions or defending against claims in court to resolve disputes. 

  5. Settlement negotiations: Engaging in negotiations to reach a fair settlement and avoid prolonged litigation. 

  6. Litigation process: If necessary, proceeding with the litigation process, including discovery, depositions, and presenting the case in court. 

Taking these steps ensures a comprehensive approach to managing commercial construction disputes. 

The Role of a Commercial Construction Litigation Attorney

Attorney David H. Schwartz offers over 45 years of experience to support businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area.

He can help you through your commercial construction legal issues by reviewing your case and identifying potential legal claims or defense, negotiating with the opposing party to reach a fair settlement, providing robust legal advocacy during litigation, including handling court filings and representing you in court, and keeping you informed throughout the process and providing regular updates on the status of your case. 


Q1. What should I do if I encounter a contract dispute? 

Consult with an experienced commercial construction litigation attorney to review the contract and discuss the best course of action. 

Q2. How can I prove construction defects? 

Gather detailed evidence, including photographs, inspection reports, and expert testimonies, to establish the presence of defects. 

Q3. What are mechanics liens, and how do they affect my project? 

Mechanics liens are legal claims placed on a property to secure payment for labor or materials. They can complicate property transactions and must be addressed promptly. 

Q4. Can delays in construction projects lead to legal claims? 

Yes, delays can form the basis of legal claims, especially if they result from breaches of contract or other wrongful acts. 

Q5. How can I resolve a payment dispute? 

Engaging in negotiations, mediation, or legal action with the assistance of an attorney can help resolve payment disputes effectively. 

Tips for Mitigating Commercial Construction Litigation Risks

Avoiding disputes in commercial construction projects involves proactive measures: 

  • Clear contracts: Draft and review contracts to ensure clarity and mutual understanding of terms. 

  • Effective communication: Maintain open and consistent communication with all parties involved in the project. 

  • Regular monitoring: Monitor project progress and address issues promptly to prevent escalation. 

  • Documentation: Keep detailed records of project activities, communications, and changes. 

  • Legal consultation: Regularly consult with a commercial construction litigation attorney to review ongoing and upcoming projects. 

By implementing these strategies, businesses can reduce the risk of disputes and ensure smoother project execution.

Commercial Construction Litigation Attorney Serving the San Francisco Bay Area 

Commercial construction litigation demands specialized legal expertise to navigate disputes effectively. For business owners and construction professionals, partnering with an experienced attorney like David H. Schwartz can provide the necessary legal support to protect your interests. Schedule a consultation today to address your commercial construction litigation needs.