Representation in Civil Appeals Cases

David H. Schwartz has a record as an accomplished appellate lawyer who handles civil appeals of verdicts, damages and punitive damages, as well as interlocutory appeals and petitions for extraordinary writs of mandate and prohibition. David has successfully represented a number of clients in civil appeals, including several cases at the Ninth Circuit and the California Supreme Court that are considered to be authoritative precedents.

David welcomes inquiries from law firms, businesses and individuals concerning potential civil appeals concerning commercial matters.

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Appeals are an integral part of a strategy to win

Many trial lawyers, even those with reputations for success, focus primarily or entirely on winning in the trial court, leaving the question whether there will be any viable appeal from an unanticipated trial court outcome to be considered later. The goal of succeeding at the trial court level often results in even experienced trial lawyers waiving or ignoring potentially winning issues on appeal for fear of angering the trial judge.

But trial courts often issue erroneous rulings, and trial judges are not immune from prejudicial biases. Appellate courts exist to serve as an effective check on the errors that may arise in trial courts. However, the issues that may motivate an appellate court to reverse a trial court ruling often are issues to which the trial court is oblivious or openly hostile. Sometimes only a rebuke from an appellate court can get the trial judge to recognize and accept the validity of a litigant’s position.

Appellate courts need and want a trial court record that presents in plain fashion the error they are being asked to address. The Law Offices of David H. Schwartz, INC., has substantial experience making sure that key appellate issues are preserved in the trial court record and presenting those issues to appellate courts without creating unnecessary obstacles to success in the trial court.

Developing and preserving key appellate issues in the trial court often serves as an important hedge against a possible unfavorable trial court outcome. In a number of instances, the Law Offices of David H. Schwartz, INC., has been able to obtain a settlement of a dispute substantially more favorable to the client than the trial court judgment due to the credible threat of a successful appeal.

Appealing Your Case

San Francisco trial and civil appeal lawyer David H. Schwartz will thoroughly review the trial record and the issues that could serve as the basis for a successful appeal. David will work diligently to write a compelling appeal designed to cause the court to take notice and rule in your favor.

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