Resolution of Disputes

The stakes in trademark litigation can be very high. For the owner of a registered trademark, failure to defend a trademark can result in attrition of the brand’s value, even leading to dispossession of the mark altogether. An unsuccessful defendant in a suit may lose its marketing investment, as well as incurring significant legal fees and opportunity costs.

The Law Offices of David H. Schwartz, INC., vigorously undertakes and defends trademark litigation on behalf of corporate clients throughout California and across the country. David H. Schwartz is experienced and knowledgeable in the many complex legal aspects of trademark litigation. For advice concerning a possible trademark lawsuit, contact San Francisco trademark litigation lawyer David H. Schwartz for a consultation.

Proactive Trademark Protection Strategies

Even a well-established and widely recognized brand name can become diluted when another brand infringes on the first brand’s trademark. In these situations, it behooves management to defend the integrity of the brand. If management does not do so, it could lose possession of the trademark.

The Law Offices of David H. Schwartz, INC., can undertake litigation to protect the trademark and the equity of the brand. With experience serving the legal communities of San Jose, Santa Clara, and San Mateo, the goal of the firm will be to achieve results in a timely and efficient manner.

Trademark litigation encompasses many different and complex aspects of law. These include the right of ownership inherent in the possession of a registered trademark, constitutional issues of free speech and others. For more than 45 years, David H. Schwartz has represented clients in complex commercial litigation involving trademarks, trade secrets and unfair competition. David is skilled at resolving such disputes through assertive negotiation techniques, mediation and litigation.

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