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Experienced Securities Arbitration & Litigation

From his San Francisco office, trial lawyer David H. Schwartz represents corporations and shareholders in securities and shareholder litigation in state and federal courts throughout California. In practice for over 45 years, David H. Schwartz is experienced in a wide variety of securities law areas involving investors, venture capitalists, investment advisers, hedge funds, stock brokers, NASD broker-dealers, and other financial professionals, funds, and firms.

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The Law Offices of David H. Schwartz, INC., handles a wide variety of securities arbitration, litigation, and regulatory matters:

Shareholder Derivative Lawsuits

When shareholders claim corporate boards of directors have committed fraud, illegality, or abuse, or have failed to protect the corporation’s and shareholders’ interests, an experienced attorney can act decisively to prevent loss of value. David H. Schwartz is fluent in the complex procedures involving obtaining court approval for derivative actions and an accomplished advocate in negotiation, arbitration, and litigation.

Minority Shareholder Disputes

David H. Schwartz has effectively handled many shareholder disputes, including those involving minority shareholder grievances against majority shareholders for fraud, illegality, failure to make needed resolutions, failure to pursue legal claims, or breach of contract.

Securities Fraud Claims

Fraud can occur in financial statements, in accounting practices, during initial public offerings or takeovers, or in a variety of situations in which corporations are under performance pressure. Fraud by corporations generally involves insider trading, market manipulation, or misrepresentation or omission in required disclosures, such as maintaining off-balance sheet liabilities. Investors with large losses can have significantly better recoveries if they sue independently and don’t participate in a class action.

Fraud by broker/dealers, financial advisors, and analysts frequently involves churning, market timing, unauthorized trading, misrepresentation and omissions, recommendation of unsuitable, high risk, or speculative investments, use of high pressure sales tactics, misappropriation of funds, misrepresentation, failure to invest according to instructions, and other issues.

Covering All Securities Fraud Aspects

With over 45 years of experience in securities fraud arbitration and litigation, attorney Schwartz is knowledgeable about all aspects of complex securities fraud arbitration, discovery procedures, and litigation. Proudly serving the legal communities of the San Francisco Bay Area, his focus is always on expeditious, economical and positive resolutions.

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