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Handling Complex Business Litigation

Law Offices of David H. Schwartz, INC Jan. 19, 2023

Complex Matters With Expeditious Results

San Francisco attorney David H. Schwartz is an experienced commercial litigator representing clients throughout California. From his Bay Area law firm, he has result-oriented representation with an emphasis on being fiscal efficient and having premium-quality client service for more than 45 years.

Complicated litigation can cause distraction to your business and life goals. Don’t let involvement in complex litigation divert attention from the management of your company and exploitation of growth opportunities. While negotiation and settlement of disputes is often beneficial to the parties involved, sometimes it will not accomplish your goals.

Businesses and corporations involved in complex litigation involving multiple parties, cross-claims, counterclaims, and multiple jurisdictions require a meticulously organized attorney experienced in case management. The discovery process can be burdensome, threaten confidential business information, and require organizations to undertake expensive procedures to preserve potential evidence. Complex claims can interfere with your firm’s ability to buy or sell major assets or undertake mergers and acquisitions. Claims may be consolidated or moved to a less advantageous jurisdiction.

Business Litigation Requires Experienced Representation

Multiplicity of counsel for related parties, litigation steering committees, and trial teams require effective communication and leadership. If you are involved in a dispute involving breach of a provision of a valuable buy/sell agreement, allegations of fraud, or any business litigation issue, now is the time to obtain sophisticated representation.

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Contract Disputes and Breach of Contract

Negotiation, arbitration, or litigation of disputes raising both state and federal issues or conflicts between the laws of multiple states, disputes involving multiple areas of law, multi-jurisdiction disputes involving sales of goods or services, breach of contract in nationwide or multi-state agreements, violations or specific performance of major buy/sell or merger agreements, disputes involving major assets, controversies involving more than $100,000, fiduciary contract disputes, disputes over partnership agreements, breach of nondisclosure agreements, multi-plaintiff violations of employment contracts, and class action litigation.

Business Torts

Resolution of claims of business fraud or misrepresentation, civil RICO claims, breach of fiduciary duty, intentional interference with contracts, interference with potential business advantage, interference with business relationships, insurance bad faith, unfair competition, and legal malpractice.

Courtroom-Ready Representative

David H. Schwartz is an accomplished trial lawyer who has handled large-scale business litigation matters under pressure without compromising the quality of his service. In California courts throughout San Jose, Santa Clara, and San Mateo, he has rescued clients from difficult million-dollar disputes. In settlement negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and trial, his focus is always on expeditious and positive resolutions. He can help you determine when it makes sense to negotiate, always working to position his client to obtain the best possible settlement. Of course, David Schwartz does not shy away from the courtroom. He is always ready, willing, and thoroughly prepared to go to trial.

Especially during complex, protracted litigation, clients value personalized attention, prompt communication, and direct contact. Where larger firms often redistribute cases, replace attorneys, and make strategic decisions by committee, attorney Schwartz will work directly with you from start to finish.