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How a Civil Rico Attorney Can Help You

David H. Schwartz, INC Aug. 30, 2023

During the course of doing business, commission of only two violations of state or federal law (“predicate acts”) in the last 10 years can expose you to a possible civil RICO lawsuit. Predicate acts commonly cited in such suits are mail fraud, obstruction of justice, obstruction of a criminal investigation, witness tampering and retaliation. Though they are difficult to bring, they are often included as part of a business tort or general commercial suit. Losing a civil RICO suit may result in the defendant having to pay treble damages and attorney fees.

Civil RICO suits are complex, and they usually involve extensive discovery and case preparation efforts following the filing of the complaint. Whether you are a plaintiff in a case or a defendant, you should retain an attorney who is experienced in such cases and who has the resources needed to undertake complex commercial litigation efforts.

Prosecution of Civil RICO Lawsuits

Civil RICO claims brought in private action business litigation can serve to substantially increase both the resulting judgment and the potential for a favorable settlement if such claims can be presented to a jury at trial. However, civil RICO claims are subject to a variety of preliminary defensive attacks that will prevent them from being presented to the jury. The Law Offices of David H. Schwartz, INC., has had success defending and prosecuting civil RICO claims in the context of more commonplace business disputes such as fraud and interference claims.

A Dedicated Expert Representative

David H. Schwartz has successfully prosecuted and defended clients in civil RICO cases, and he has extensive experience in cases involving business torts and other commercial litigation claims. David will represent you with dedication and skill.

He is the author of “Civil RICO Against Fraudulent Enterprises,” in Civil RICO Practice: Causes of Action, edited by H. Brown.

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